[apane title=”Pregnancy Session Information“]Being pregnant is a very special time in your life.  Whether this is your first pregnancy, last pregnancy or your only pregnancy, this is a great opportunity to capture how you looked and felt on your way to becoming a mother!  I like to keep things classic and natural with my maternity photography.  I rarely use props or backdrops.  My focus is on you, the love between you and your spouse, and anticipation for the arrival of your new bundle of joy.


  • I recommend doing the session in either your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy.  Planning ahead is great.  It’s never too soon to book your session.  The months approaching your session date will give us time to pick the location (depending on the season) and what clothing will work best.  Your spouse and other children are more than welcome to join the session.  They are definitely an important part of this shoot as well!


  • All sessions are shot on location.  Picking a place that fits your personality is really important in making you feel comfortable.  If you feel comfortable and relaxed, it will show in the pictures!  Many couples choose their own homes to achieve feeling relaxed while being able to incorporate their newborn’s nursery.  Parks and beaches are also popular locations which help add to the natural feel of a pregnancy photo shoot.  If you are having trouble picking a location, I will work with you to choose the best location for your session.


  • I recommend wearing fitted outfits that show off your curves whether you’re sitting or standing.  Two outfits are usually recommended.  A dress or long skirt looks nice, and something comfortable that you wear everyday.  Don’t be afraid of color.  A beautiful scarf or your favorite red shoes will look great in the photos!  If you plan on showing off your belly, bring along a button down top (such as a cardigan) or a even a scarf that can be wrapped.  Most importantly, pick clothing that is comfortable and you feel good in.  If you plan on exposing your belly for some photos, I recommend that you try to keep elastic waistbands off your stomach prior to the session.  This will eliminate any marks on your belly.

[/apane][apane title=”Newborn Session Information“]Similar to my pregnancy photography, I take a natural approach to my newborn photography.  I want you and your baby to be comfortable during the session.  Little or no clothing on the baby is best so I can focus on details during the session –  hands, toes and little wrinkled up baby skin.  It’s all part of who they are at that moment.  I’m very flexible during the session.  Babies have many needs that come first.  I try to be relaxed and not rushed so you have a successful photography session!


  • I recommend doing the session within the first 2 weeks of the baby’s birth.  Babies change so quickly and I feel this is the best time to capture them.  They are also sleeping a lot at this age and it’s very easy to get them into position to photograph them.  Please contact me prior to your baby arriving.  It’s never too early to schedule!  This way I know your due date and I will be expecting to hear from you within that time frame.  I am very flexible with scheduling newborn sessions since they arrive when they are ready and we can’t have a date set up ahead of time.  Contact me as soon as you are home from the hospital and we can pick a day within the next 2 weeks.  Plan at least 2 hours for the session.  Chances are we will have to stop for feedings and changing.  It’s best to be flexible since we are working around their schedule and mood.


  • Most newborn sessions are done in your home.  This makes it easy to use any items we may need such as blankets, clothing etc. I also like to incorporate items in your home and nursery.  I have the appropriate lighting equipment that I bring with me – no need to worry if you don’t think your home is suitable.  If you have a different location in mind, I’m open to other options and we can discuss it in further detail prior to your session.


  • I like to keep the clothing simple.  A lot of times the baby will be undressed focusing on his/her tiny features and baby skin.  I keep things very natural.  I don’t incorporate many props but will use the occasional basket or item from your nursery.  I like to use any handmade blankets or favorite items and heirlooms that you have.  These make the photos special and timeless.  I like to use hats or headbands that you own.  We can use a favorite outfit you have for family pictures.


  • Try to have the baby changed and fed prior to your session.  If you know they will fall asleep after feeding, get them undressed (diaper on) before, and wrap them in a blanket.  This way we won’t have to disturb their sleep by taking off their clothes. Turning the heat up in the house/room will also help them from getting cold and unhappy.  Of course these are only suggestions.  If your baby has not eaten or is not sleepy, that’s ok too! Again, I’m flexible and will work around them.  Remaining calm will keep them relaxed.

[/apane][apane title=”Session Pricing“]Pregnancy or Newborn Session ($175 M-Th, $200 F-Su):  A single, on-location session lasting up to 2 hours.  Within 2 weeks of your photo shoot, your images will be edited and toned to bring out their best.  You will then be able to review your images in a password protected online gallery that you may share with friends and family.  The cost of the session covers time and talent.

Pregnancy AND Newborn Package ($500):  Perfect combination of sessions to capture both you and your newborn baby.  This is the most popular package and includes all of the features of an individual session plus a $200 print credit.  Ideally, pregnancy sessions will be done in your 8th month and newborn session will be done within the first 2 weeks of your baby’s birth.

1st Year Package ($675):  Document all the developmental milestones that happen over your baby’s first year with this package.  This package consists of 3 separate sessions that are usually newborn, 6 months and 1 year.  Upon completion of the 1st year package, I will work with you to design a custom coffee table book containing images from all 3 sessions.  Additional sessions may be added to the package for $100 per session.

Baptisms (beginning at $300):  Very frequently, I am requested by my clients to document their child’s baptism.  A typical baptism includes photojournalistic coverage at the church, followed by formal portraits and coverage of the reception.  Pricing starts at $300 and is dependent on travel time and hours of coverage.

Common Add-ons:

  • Digital images – High quality digital files in jpg format may be purchased in 3 different ways.  Individual images are $40 per image file.  You may purchase 10 digital files for $200 or you may purchase your entire session of high quality jpgs on DVD for $400.  These images are yours to print and reprint as often as you like.  If you purchase any session at the $400 price point, additional full session DVD’s are then $200 per session.  Single images and 10 image packages are delivered via digital download.  Full session DVD’s are delivered in a protective leather case.
  • Prints – prints come in a variety of sizes.  Standard sizes are: 4×6 – $15, 5×7 – $25 and 8×10 – $35.  Please inquire for the full range of print sizes and prices.
  • Gallery Wrap Prints – I love this product!!  This is your image printed on fine-art canvas and wrapped around a wooden stretcher frame.  They are elegant, unframed canvas that turn your images into ready-to-hang works of art.  These are available in a variety of sizes starting at 8×10 for $120 and can be printed as large as 40×60 for $800.
  • There are many more items available from birth announcements to collage prints and coffee table books If you are interested in any of these items or any items not mentioned here, please contact me on availability and pricing.

**  A word on pricing… I advertise my pricing so that my clients know what to expect regarding cost.  I have set my prices so that my clients are able to afford beautiful pictures that they may cherish for a lifetime.  Please respect that my prices are non-negotiable.  That being said, I often offer discounts on large orders or for repeat clients at my discretion.  **

[/apane][apane title=”Testimonials“]

Kelly Waiter Brbovic (Pregnancy & Newborn Client)

Jenn’s photos make me cry every time I look at them…she captures the moments that you want to be able to look back on with a smile (or happy tear).

Jennifer Brechlin Soderberg (Newborn & Family Client)

Jenn is professional, and friendly. Her work is classic!

Danielle Waite (Pregnancy, Newborn & Family Client)

Magical! By simply capturing a single moment Jenn manages to tell an entire story!

Brittney Blye (Pregnancy and 1st year)

So…the pictures are absolutely adorable and amazing (as always). You do such a great job (Looks like Liv snuck in a few smiles- haha). We are so happy with the pictures- thank you!  I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to your work- it really shows in the end.

Kelsey Langner (Portrait Client/Assistant for Family shoots)

Jenn is so much fun to work with, she really captures the moments so perfectly and beautifully.